SEA SEEKERS 1995-1999

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In 1995, two years after establishing a local charter business in Fort Lauderdale, Aaron Kiss was stopped by the city from handing out day sail advertising brochures on the beach to his most valued customers. These individuals were the tourists on vacation and literally lined up to receive brochures and leaflets with the contact and pricing information to day sails, dinner charters and champagne cruises.

This newly passed city ordinance was justifiably set in place to try to control beach littering as some leaflets passed out by many local businesses were found buried in the sand or blowing down the beach road. Times were changing and action had to be taken.

In an attempt to still reach those vital customers that made, at the time, Sun Seekers profitable, Aaron Kiss decided to place a 600 square foot sign directly in front of these sunbathers and image the foresail or jib on a 45 foot charter vessel with logos and phone number and sail directly down the beach only 50 yards off from dry sand. This idea was the birth of Photo Sails, which was born from necessity.

It was immediately obvious that this idea was to be successful as charter profits soared 500% and competitors boats started to go out of business. By the end of 6 months only one boat was left thanks to their 25-year return customer base.

Within months, local businesses such as a local Chevrolet dealership and beach bars were hiring Sun Seekers to put advertising sails together for their own businesses.

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