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Take the next step in presenting your beverages to consumers with class. Most outdoor bars, nightclubs and even restaurants utilize aluminum farm troughs for icing down beer, champagne, sodas and other libations. This widely used unsanitary and immovable cylinder is passed its time and deservedly needs to be replaced with this next technological if not nifty packaging concept, BAR BOATS.

This program offers an unusual advertising concept to package beverages, suntan lotions and other products into a mobile rolling and visible platform which is constructed from actual sailing vessels. Each vessel can be given away at the end of promotions through sweepstakes promotions. The Bar Boats program creates an accessible shelf for products under what could be the largest signage in any retail store, festival, bar, nightclub or beach party, thus ensuring brand exposure. These boats can be customized to fit indoor or outdoor applications. These functional sailing vessels are waterproof, allowing them to be filled with ice, keeping perishable products cold and delicious as a rolling cooler. The boat itself can be sold or given away, with a novel twist on the cooler being a main attraction. Utilizing a quality vessel that has been in construction for years assures a quality product that will last for many seasons.

Pricing based on $3,500 / unit (8 food dinghy w/ 50 Sq.Ft. Photo Sails.)

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