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After hoisting Photo Sails™ at five U.S. Eastern Seaboard boat shows in 2004. Crocs Footwear sales grew by over 1000%. Starting with $1 million in sales for 2004, Crocs Footwear realized growth to more than $108 million by the end of 2005. Crocs Footwear returned to purchase another three sails from Photo Sails to match their changing logos and packaging. Additional programs are currently being discussed to launch similar boats to brand Crocs Footwear in Australia and other foreign markets. Now Crocs Footwear has grown a total of 1800% with Photo Sails help.



Mr. Kiss,

I am writing on behalf of the Crocs™ crew to report on our phenomenal response to our Photo Sails. Both the press and Crocs™ fans alike are drawn to the uniqueness and the quality of the sails you have made for Hannibal. The Jamestown Journal wrote a story about our brand’s success and featured a picture of Hannibal under sail. The image is striking and our statement is clear. The Photo Sails are floating billboards that demand and deserve the attention of thousands.

Our sails have started numerous conversations with curious boaters who are intrigued with your work and curious about Crocs™. We have also had numerous boaters and loyal Crocs™ fans sail out of their way towards Hannibal, stick out their legs, and proudly display their Crocs™.

Your sails continue to be our single and most powerful billboard that speaks to the boating community. It is a great PR tool when we invite guests to stay on Hannibal and enjoy an escape to the sea. We anticipate future ports of call bringing us multiple media exposures that further aid us in our branding and marketing efforts. You just can’t buy the kind of exposure that your sails have spawned!

It has also been interesting to experience the sails at work over the past three months. The custom adjustments that were made for us have performed perfectly for our captains, “Oli” and Tim.

We are the most popular boat anywhere we go. As you know, we run the gamut of shows up and down the east coast every year. Because of this, purchasing Photo Sails seemed like an investment that would pay itself off time and over again. This technology allows us to not only have the hottest billboard on the horizon, but one that displays the hottest shoe on the market- Crocs™!

Crocs™ shoes allow people to sail in style. Your Photo Sails allow Hannibal to float in style as well. We look forward to many years of successful marketing with your innovative product.

We’ll see you in Miami next year.


Scott Seamans: Director of Research and Development: Crocs™ Footwear


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