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Creativity in advertising has spawned some interesting ideas and new media options over time. According to Aaron Kiss, owner of Photo Sails, (US Patent # 6,886,483) companies are now seeking unique and non-traditional media that they can claim for themselves with little competition which makes their brands stand out. Being creative is what gets noticed these days. After all, there is a difference between an impression and a QUALITY impression.

So when Malibu Rum decided that they wanted to brand the beaches of New York's Long Island, New Jersey and Los Angeles they sought a new branding medium, sailing billboards, that would create millions of unavoidable and unforgettable impressions for their brand and create the only advertisement on the visible horizon. Pernod Ricard, owners of Malibu Rum and other fine spirits and wines, have now tapped this "uncharted medium" that offers a synergistic branding opportunity for Malibu Rum in key demographics during the vital summer months.
"People on the beach have the majority of their attention directed toward the empty horizon." says Aaron Kiss of Photo Sails. "Our floating billboards and sail ads take advantage of this fact." Photo Sails creates unique and "green" forms of branding that can be commissioned in major media markets as almost all major cities were established as port towns along navigable waterways. Generally speaking, billboards are not permitted on a beach, but there are no known regulations limiting what may be imaged on a sailboat's sail because it is the propulsive part of a vessel and necessary to that vehicle.
Now Malibu Rum, the world's best selling Caribbean Rum, will join the other industry leading brands that have taken advantage of branding on sails with this new patented sail imaging technology. Photo Sails offers turnkey branding campaigns that include sailboats, captains, dockage, maintenance, insurance, fuel and even cleaning and catering.
Additionally, Photo Sails has been in development with North Sails to create multiple new sail imaging applications for the sail manufacturing industry which eventually will be available to the public.
Our sail ad campaigns are now accompanied by FREE Public Relations programs that include:
VIP Entertainment: The sponsoring company may use the daily sailing passes to entertain VIPs and/or high level employees. Day sails, sunset cruises and champagne cruises are available. This floating hospitality suite will allow for captive meetings with a surreal setting and help strengthen essential relationships.
Employee Rewards: Reward exceptional employees with an in-house property that will treat them and their friends or family to an exhilarating day sail or evening cruise with libations and snacks. Nothing is more relaxing and inspiring than sailing with family and friends.


Employee Team Building: Sailing is a team experience that creates good communication skills with an emphasis on competition. An exhilarating day sail can easily reduce stresses that can build up in an office environment. Releasing this stress while inspiring communication will help corporate teams gain new perspective on their professional relationships.

On-Off Premise Promotions: Create promotions for dedicated customers, clients and employees alike to maximize their efforts and be rewarded with a day out sailing. Giving away rides to advertising client's associates can enhance existing relationships while gaining attention towards mutual goals.
Public Sweepstakes: Create demand for products or mine for demographic data with a Sweepstakes program. Example: Register on-line and enter to win a free sailing ride for you and 5 friends on the Malibu Rum Sailboat. Having the public register through a website displayed on the actual Photo Sails will allow for additional demographic research and to gauge program effectiveness.
Radio Trade: Give the free ride tickets to local radio stations in trade for product mentions. Example: "Tenth caller gets a ride for 6 passes aboard the Malibu Rum Sailboat for a 3 hour day sail". Each day can be divided into two or three trips allowing for up to three prizes or 18 free rides per day per vessel.
Photo Sails is grateful for the opportunity to enhance the Malibu Rum brand and appreciates the recognition of our unique product and turnkey services. We are confident that this will be a very successful campaign and that Millions of quality impressions will be generated.
Aaron Kiss President
Sea Seekers Sailing Inc. / PHOTO SAILS




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