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 The computer mockups below are designed to illustrate the visual effectiveness of Photo Sails NASBOATS events for companies and products and is not suggesting any current affiliation with the trademarks and or companies depicted.


This highly mobile branding and public relations event program is capable of creating millions of impressions targeted toward potential customers. Utilizing shallow draft vessels and catamarans in a close-to-shore proximity race course will produce the ultimate sailing spectator friendly water sport.

The NASBOATS racing series is modeled after the successful NASCAR formula and can be expanded to allow participation from other top brands and/or Fortune 500 companies. Scheduling a 20-city tour each year with the expandability to go international.


NASBOATS racing series is currently seeking title sponsorship of this national event. These highly visible and easily mobile branding platforms do not require expensive facilities and only need a beach with navigable water depth to operate. This kind of accessibility creates the opportunity to hold sailing events in all the top markets, plus cities that have never seen a sailboat race until now. This includes New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, San Fransisco, Boston, San Diego, Seattle, Houston, Cleveland, Milwaukee,  Buffalo, Lake Meade, New Orleans and even Pittsburgh. 

Any prestigious company that markets multiple products to elite clients will gain exposure across mediums including Out-of-Home, internet, radio, television and even print. Millions of impressions are attainable.  


Photo Sails are durable, long lasting, and can be designed to fit the most popular sailboats in the world: Mono-hulls, catamarans, trimarans, windsurfers, or even the 50 mph Tri-Foiler.



Management includes

1. Delivery of vessels to and from event
2. Day and night security of vessels and gear
3. Crew for each vessel
4. Safety equipment, assembly tools
5. 2 safety crews on jet skis and 4x4 ATV
6. All PHOTO SAILS and decals for promotion
7. City and location permits
8. Vendors and Concessions
9. Port-o-lets and fencing
10. Marketing / Promotions
11. Video and Photography
12. Storage of sails @ signage
13. City permits and security


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