1.) Coors Brewing Company (vessel owners)


Jackie and Gary Edwards
Marina del Rey, CA/ Scottsdale, AZ

September 23, 2008

Aaron Kiss
Photo Sails

Dear Aaron,

Jackie and I would like to thank you for the GREAT opportunity to fly your custom sails on the JAG Resort II.  Though we were concerned at first about allowing a stranger to have full control of our boat for two months, it could not have turned out better. Your selection of Captain Rick Silverman helped our anxiety fade away. He and his wife Karen are both knowledgeable and respectful of other's property. They took good care of our boat and treated it as if it were their own.  They remained flexible with us joining them on the boat for the days we were able to fit into our schedule.

We were equally impressed with the quality of your sails and your operation. We received numerous compliments.  You can rest assured that the folks on the Santa Monica bay beaches and Huntington beach saw your high quality sails!
Please know that if another, similar opportunity were to be available in the future, we would be open to teaming with you and Photo Sails again.

Thank you for the memorable experience!

If we can ever provide a reference for Photo Sails, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We wish you and Photo Sails much success!!!

Jackie and Gary Edwards        
Owners of the JAG RESORT II

2.) Crocs Footwear

Aaron Kiss President / CEO
Sea Seekers Sailing Inc. / PHOTO SAILS

Mr. Kiss,

I am writing on behalf of the Crocs™ crew to report on our phenomenal response to our Photo Sails. Both the press and Crocs™ fans alike are drawn to the uniqueness and the quality of the sails you have made for Hannibal. The Jamestown Journal wrote a story about our brand’s success and featured a picture of Hannibal under sail. The image is striking and our statement is clear. The Photo Sails are floating billboards that demand and deserve the attention of thousands.

Our sails have started numerous conversations with curious boaters who are intrigued with your work and curious about Crocsâ„¢. We have also had numerous boaters and loyal Crocsâ„¢ fans sail out of their way towards Hannibal, stick out their legs, and proudly display their Crocsâ„¢.

Your sails continue to be our single and most powerful billboard that speaks to the boating community. It is a great PR tool when we invite guests to stay on Hannibal and enjoy an escape to the sea. We anticipate future ports of call bringing us multiple media exposures that further aid us in our branding and marketing efforts. You just can’t buy the kind of exposure that your sails have spawned!

It has also been interesting to experience the sails at work over the past three months. The custom adjustments that were made for us have performed perfectly for our captains, “Oli” and Tim.

We are the most popular boat anywhere we go. As you know, we run the gamut of shows up and down the east coast every year. Because of this, purchasing Photo Sails seemed like an investment that would pay itself off time and over again. This technology allows us to not only have the hottest billboard on the horizon, but one that displays the hottest shoe on the market- Crocsâ„¢!

Crocsâ„¢ shoes allow people to sail in style. Your Photo Sails allow Hannibal to float in style as well. We look forward to many years of successful marketing with your innovative product.

We’ll see you in Miami next year.


Scott Seamans
Director of Research and Development: Crocsâ„¢ Footwear

3.) Tropical Sailing Charters.

Aaron KissPresident / CEO
Sea Seekers Sailing Inc. / PHOTO SAILS
Po Box 7273
Fort Lauderdale. Fl 33338

Dear Aaron,

Thank you for your time. I am happy to report that after five months of flying our new Photo Sails we have experienced amazing results. Our charter booking and profits have soared. The results have been especially encouraging since we were able to achieve immediate results despite the fact that we launched the campaign in our off season. We can’t wait for tourist season to start.

In addition we have seen many indirect results such as “free” publicity in local television spots and even in video shoots of Fort Lauderdale. Our customers are impressed by the novelty of the image we picked and the sponsorship offers we are getting have prompt us to purchase a second and possibly a third 50 foot 49 passenger charter cat. Your Photo Sails have enabled us to enhance our brand recognition and differentiate us form the competition. Every time we raise our sails and cruise the beach, we are booking cruises and charters. This is the most successful advertising campaign we have ever had, and it’s free. Your product has been and will continue to be a success for us and anyone who decides to utilize this novel marketing and advertising medium. We look forward to placing our next order in time for season.


Ziv David Halevy
Tropical Sailing Charters
Your answer to fun in the sun!

4.) Surprise Charters (La Salle Bank)

June 19, 2007
To whom it may Concern:

Surprise Charters is a Chicago-based charter operation featuring Chicago’s largest sailing catamaran. In 2005 we were contracted by Outdoor Media Group to sail an ad for their client, LaSalle Bank.

The art department at BBD&O worked with Photosails who transferred their design to a 60’ tall sail for our catamaran.  We sailed their ad for 2 weeks in downtown Chicago on Lake Michigan in 2005.

LaSalle contracted us again in 2006 through Outdoor Media Group to sail the LaSalle Bank ad for just under two months in summer 2006.

We recommend Photosails highly. Their bold graphics stand out along the Chicago waterfront and were seen by hundreds of thousands of people during the summer season.

Yours truly,

Michele Durkin

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