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Point of Sale or (POS) displays play a very important role in store bought items and it is the goal of every advertiser to create the next best marketing campaign. Utilizing PHOTO SAILS and inexpensive one-person sailing boats to construct exciting new exhibits, mixed with on-premise promotions to win the actual functioning display boat, creates interaction between sponsors and customers.

These displays give sponsoring companies an advantage to traditional stacking of products since the sight of a functioning and fully rigged sailboat is a rare and unavoidable sight. This program, due to the 50 to 100 square foot PHOTO SAILS, offers clients the largest signage in any store yet with a small footprint making this an easily acceptable POS for stores to set up and keep stocked with sponsored products.

A Sweepstakes of the actual display boats requiring informational registration will help retain the demographics of individuals impacted and record the effectiveness of such a novel marketing medium.

Pricing based on $3,500 / unit (8 foot dinghy w/ 50Sq.Ft. Photo Sails.)


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