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Time Magazine selected the below image of "The Vote Boat" for their person of the year award article (page 37 and 39). The picture was chosen out of hundreds of thousands of shots showing the massive support for Barack Obama. This unsolicited media exposure proves the visual effectiveness of Photo Sails and the impact made on the general public.


Additional media exposure includes multiple newspapers, magazines, websites and blogs.



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 McCain Sailboat                                                           Obama Sailboat

Photo Sailstm introduces The Vote Boat to remind registered voters to exercise their American right to choose the next President of the United States. This vessel will be sailing in the Hudson and East Rivers of New York City from October 17th through the 26th promoting both the Democratic and Republican nominees.
This years national elections are more important than ever. Hunter Marine Corporation and Photo Sailstm are on a mission to create the most visually effective branding vehicle in the waters surrounding New York and dozens of other waterside marketplaces worldwide.

These new digitally imaged branding vehicles are capable of targeting audiences at thousands of waterside events generating media exposure and millions of quality impressions. These events include air shows, concerts, sporting events, art festivals, national holidays and more for costs comparable to static quality highway billboards.

For any questions, comments or requests, please contact Photo Sails at

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(954) 527-0910 

Photo Contest: Send in your best photo of THE VOTE BOAT and win a free day sail for 6 people to the above email address

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Unsolicited Internet Media Exposure:





The Vote Boat is headed to Miami to make a political statement at the Republican Governor's Convention to say thank you to John McCain for his supportive concession speech that supports Barack Obama as the next President of the United States of America. The 65' vessel will be sailing in downtown Miami from Friday 14th to Monday 17th of November.


The Vote Boat has moved to Fort Lauderdale and has grown over 24 feet to become a 65' yacht. It was spotted visiting the International Boat Show by many attendees. Locals seem to support the "left side" of The Vote Boat but boat show visitors seem to support the "right side". 

4 days of sailing in the Hudson and East Rivers of New York have proven that Barack Obama is way ahead in the polls at least here in the Big Apple.

Nine days and nine million impressions later, it is obvious to the crew of the Hunter 41 DS that Obama has a serious lead over McCain in Manhattan. Crowds cheered as THE VOTE BOAT tacked and jibed over 700 times this week in the Hudson and East Rivers. Camera flashes became complacent as hundreds of ferries ventured out of their way to get a closer look of the most hypnotically imaged sailboat sails in history, distracting all including tourists, fellow yachtsman, local residents, outdoor employees and office workers with a window view.

Now THE VOTE BOAT will make a second appearance in the battleground state of Florida, turning heads in the cities of Miami and Fort Lauderdale during the largest boat show in the world, the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show. With days to go before the most controversial election in recent history, is taking these measures to ensure that all registered voters make their voices heard and to be a part of this historical event.

The Vote Boat Photo Sailstm have been imaged and finished into a main and jib for the new 41 Hunter DS that is awaiting in NY. 

Main Port


Main Starboard


Jib Port


Jib Starboard



Hunter Marine Corp. Enters Cooperation With Photo Sails


Hunter Marine Corporation has entered into a cooperation with Photo Sailstm to offer unique quality corporate branding vessels in over 30 U.S. and international locations. Photo Sails offers branding vehicles via sailing billboards in all major waterside markets with navigable waterways. New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, San Francisco, San Diego, Seattle, Houston, Cleveland, Daytona and even Pittsburgh were all originally established as "Port Towns" with coveted natural bodies of water bordering, surrounding or flowing directly through their cores.

Marketing on sails opportunities abound in the sailing world. Millions of usable sailing vessels are docked on thousands of bodies of water internationally. These vessels range in size and are involved in organized programs scheduled well ahead of time. If you’re a sailboat owner click here to register for possible sponsorship and if you’re a corporation looking for a boat in a targeted market click here to view registered vessels.

Sanctioned and organized sailboat racing exists in thousands of locations and take place throughout the year in both hemispheres. Many of these races seek corporate sponsorships, including marketing on sails, and partners to help cover the expenses of managing events. Funding helps cover the fixed and adjustable costs including rental of facilities, marketing of the class and event management.

We have compiled an incomplete list of some of the available marketing opportunities nationally and internationally broken down into different groups on the menu to the left..

This marketing on sails section's objective is for Photo Sailstm to present an outline of sponsored events aligned with outdoor advertisers. Photo Sailstm create sailing billboards in high profile environments helping products to gain exposure through utilizing untapped markets as an additional medium for signage and branding vehicle options. Our multiple programs are available worldwide.

Technology has allowed for improvements in digital imaging and sailcloth construction. Mixed with the constant  need to create novel marketing ideas, PHOTO SAILStm brings the prestige of sailing and sail manufacturing advancements together to form unique and hypnotic branding vehicles.




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