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Hunter Yachts in an attempt to stick out from the other boat manufactures at the Miami Boat Show partnered with Florida Yacht Charters and Sailtime, a yacht sharing management company. The partnership reduced cost for each of the three parties by 66.6% and the sails were used by all three to take potential clients on 1 hour demo rides directly from the dock during the actual 7 day show, which is the largest boat show in the world.

Hunter got to show off its new line of vessels, Sailtime got to attract people to its registering process, and Florida Yacht Charters got to display the new line of boats available for charter. It is a win, win, win situation and the sails are still used today as a floating billboard next to Magarther Causeway as a floating billboard while 300,000 cars a day drive close by that can't miss the constantly animated sign with the wind blowing across its surface.

Hunter Marine Corporation has entered into a cooperation with Photo Sails to offer unique quality corporate branding vessels in over 30 U.S. and international locations. Photo Sails offers branding vehicles via sailing billboards in all major waterside markets with navigable waterways. New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, San Francisco, San Diego, Seattle, Houston, Cleveland, Daytona and even Pittsburgh were all originally established as "Port Towns" with coveted natural bodies of water bordering, surrounding or flowing directly through their cores.


Each branding vessel commissioned into service offers a multitude of Public Relations programs such as VIP entertainment, employee team building experiences, on-off premise promotions, public sweepstakes and even guerrilla marketing tactics including cross medium applications like radio trade giveaways and product placement opportunities. Photo Sails provide unique front running branding opportunities for elite products and corporations desiring millions of quality impressions. Additionally, Photo Sails are internationally patented and can offer product exclusive categories with services available in more than 23 countries.

Aaron Kiss, Owner of Photo Sails, has brought his outdoor marketing and event company to the next level of service. Mr. Kiss enthusiastically comments, "This agreement allows Photo Sails to offer branding programs to our clients at reduced prices in all markets with 9 consistent models of different sized beautiful yachts. Now we can offer a full inventory of sailing billboard programs to more marketers with a more flexible services and pricing structure.  "By consolidating our services with Hunter Dealers and passing those savings to our clients, we have cut program prices by an average of 35% to 40% of our initial offering."

"Hunter Marine Corporation is the largest sailboat manufacturer in North America, and part of the Luhrs Marine Group, an employee ownership company and is creating a buyer incentive program that will positively affect all parties involved in this virtually unlimited program. Hunter Marine, Hunter Dealers, Hunter Buyers, Photo Sails and of course the branding vessel clients all benefit from this cooperation," says Eric Macklin, Marketing and Training Manager for Hunter Marine Corp. "This creative and custom effort comes at an attractive time when economic factors affect the growth of new boat orders and the marine market as a whole. This program taps corporate advertising dollars to lower client cost and raise dealer sales of our inventory."

Photo Sails programs create visually hypnotic billboards out on waterways and beaches where they are the only advertisement on the horizon. Zoning laws and signage regulations are no concern because the sail of a sailboat is a functional part of the vessel when propelling the boat making navigation possible. These same first amendment rights apply to bumper sticker on private vehicles located in public areas. The bumper and sail must be present as a functioning part of the vehicle. What is placed on privately owned vehicles is only the business of the owner of that property. Additionally, all cities now wrap their buses and some buildings with advertisements.

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