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In this ever changing world of technology, corporate branding has become as much of a science as it is an art form. Branding companies have had to maintain and grow results with mediums that keep changing their availability and demographics. Tivo has detrimentally affected television commercials and Satellite Radio and internet radio have also detrimentally affected radio advertising as the public has been given ways to skirt those yelling car commercials.

One medium that has proven itself to be one the fastest growing mediums is "Outdoor or Out-of-Home marketing". More and more people are spending time outside or in their cars travailing. This growing market is also thanks to new technologies that allow us to do business and keep communications flowing from anywhere.

PHOTO SAILS has created a completely new marketing medium with a "touch of class". Branding is not just the art of getting corporate logos and messages to be seen anywhere. There is an association with the object or event that a logo or message is placed upon. Cadillac doesn't put their name on beach umbrellas for the same reason that Rolex doesn't affix their name on bumper stickers. It's all about creating the message or even the allusion of "Class". That association of "Class" is the basic precedence for labeling that product as "the best".

Simple association is the root of all marketing. Attach your product's logo to something great and your product reflects that same greatness. Sailing is a sport for the elite. The association with carefully chosen sponsors would reinforce that message. The largest corporate supporters of sailing are BMW, Rolex, Mercedes, Coke, and other brands perceived to be the best of the best.

As with any technology, the introduction of the "next step" is sought after by marketers trying to beat their competition to the next best marketing idea. That is exactly what PHOTO SAILS is all about. PHOTO SAILS is the future of sail imaging and sailboat branding supported by the constantly improved digital age. Our Newly patented 4 layer laminated sailcloth is 100% opaque and allows for double sided imaging. That is the basis of our second U.S. patent 6,622,648. Our first patent 6,886,483 covers the process of printing up to 600 DPI and 2 million colors, recreating magazine photo quality imaging. There are no low quality stickers involved here. Our soluble inks sink into the sailcloth to create a durable long lasting sailing billboard.

Finally, all the top ten marketplaces in the U.S. and the top twenty markets around the world were established as "port towns". From Miami to Seattle and from Hong Hong harbor to Tokyo, every major city in the world has navigable waters at their edge or even twisting directly through the cities core. This allows PHOTO SAILS to create this new sailboat branding marketing medium which takes advantage of these untapped markets.

Take a good look at the 10 different opportunities that we have invented to drive any product sales and corporate services to a new profitable high. We are currently offering these sailboat branding programs in the almost 30 countries we have intellectual property rights.

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