Photo Sail Outdoor Advertising & Marine Event Products

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Our products create quality impressions for industry leaders.


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We raise sales by raising our sails. Simple but prestigious and effective non-traditional marketing. Creating QUALITY impressions in every major marketplace in the world. A Photo Sail is worth a thousand billboards.

Photo Sails create the only signage visible on the horizon and engages the public when they are less distracted from their surroundings. Your message is remembered and not lost on our desensitized freeways or endless print, radio and television media. Our sailing billboards are unique, natural, unavoidable and unforgettable.

Photo Sails offer advertising sails on multiple classes of vessels and a complete line of marine event products to manage or enhance any waterside event.

Utilizing unique sailing billboards help elite products gain quality impressions and market share by creating visually hypnotic branding vehicles. Associating products with the prestige of sailing brings a level of class to any product or service. Photo Sails create "Outside-the-Box" non traditional branding vehicles that successfully brand products and corporations to millions of coastal and waterfront viewers whether in their offices, homes, hotels, public venues or simply on the beach. 

Every advertising vessel commissioned offers the sponsoring corporation free public relations programs including VIP entertainment, employee rewards programs, employee team building experiences, on-off premise promotions and guerrilla marketing tactics including radio trade giveaways and public sweepstakes.

Photo Sails offers a list of "Marine Event Products" that includes everything and most anything you can dream up.

Our only limitation is your imagination.

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