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Hunter Marine Corp. Enters Cooperation With Photo Sails


Hunter Marine Corporation has entered into a cooperation with Photo Sails to offer unique quality corporate branding vessels in over 30 U.S. and international locations. Photo Sails offers branding vehicles via sailing billboards in all major waterside markets with navigable waterways. New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, San Francisco, San Diego, Seattle, Houston, Cleveland, Daytona and even Pittsburgh were all originally established as "Port Towns" with coveted natural bodies of water bordering, surrounding or flowing directly through their cores. A Photo Sail is worth a thousand billboards.

Each branding vessel commissioned into service offers a multitude of Public Relations programs such as VIP entertainment, employee team building experiences, on-off premise promotions, public sweepstakes and even guerrilla marketing tactics including cross medium applications like radio trade giveaways and product placement opportunities (see bottom of page). Photo Sails provide unique front running branding opportunities for elite products and corporations desiring millions of QUALITY impressions. Additionally, Photo Sails are internationally patented and can offer product exclusive categories with services available in more than 23 countries.

Aaron Kiss, Owner of Photo Sails, has brought his outdoor marketing and event company to the next level of service. Mr. Kiss enthusiastically comments, "This agreement allows Photo Sails to offer branding programs to our clients at reduced prices in all markets with 9 consistent models of different sized beautiful yachts. Now we can offer a full inventory of sailing billboard programs to more marketers with a more flexible services and pricing structure.  "By consolidating our services with Hunter Dealers and passing those savings to our clients, we have cut program prices by an average of 35% to 40% of our initial offering."


"Marlow/Hunter is the largest sailboat manufacturer in North America, and part of the Luhrs Marine Group, an employee ownership company and is creating a buyer incentive program that will positively effect all parties involved in this virtually unlimited program. Marlow/Hunter, Hunter Dealers, Hunter Buyers, Photo Sails and of course the branding vessel clients all benefit from this cooperation," says Eric Macklin, Marketing and Training Manager for Hunter Marine Corp. "This creative and custom effort comes at an attractive time when economic factors effect the growth of new boat orders and the marine market as a whole. This program taps corporate advertising dollars to lower client cost and raise dealer sales of our inventory."

Photo Sails programs create visually hypnotic billboards out on waterways and beaches where they are the only advertisement on the visible horizon. Zoning laws and signage regulations are no concern because the sail of a sailboat is a functional part of the vessel when propelling the boat making navigation possible. These same first amendment rights apply to bumper sticker on private vehicles located in public areas. The bumper and sail must be present as a functioning part of the vehicle. What is placed on privately owned vehicles is only the business of the owner of that property. Additionally, all cities now wrap their buses and some buildings with advertisements.

"This newly formed marketing medium has endless capabilities to create impressions in the untapped areas of every major coastal city. We have a billboard you can ride allowing consumers to react with brands like never before! Furthermore, these branding vehicles use corporate advertising dollars to give back to local communities with the public relations programs offered. Corporations generating social responsibility and educational programs is a formula for success." says Steve Niewulis, Director of Marketing and Corporate Relations for Photo Sails.

With Photo Sails' new marketing medium on the horizon supported internationally by Hunter Marine Corp., don't be surprised when the next billboard you see is gliding effortlessly across your view while floating on other 2/3rds of the planet waiting to be tapped by advertisers.

For more information on Hunter Marine Corporation's quality line of cruising sailboats, please visit

This dedicated and exclusively leased vessel is captained, insured, licensed, maintained, fueled, docked and secured by Photo Sails™ professional USCG licensed crews and staff members. Sponsors have around the clock control of where these vessels go and who gets aboard. Multiple events can be attended and thousands of product samples can be given away to encourage dedication of customers. Thousands of VIPs and/or deserving employees will be treated to a peaceful and sometimes exhilarating 4-hour afternoon, sunset or evening cruise. Typically, these boats are USCG 6-pack licensed and will accommodate a total of 8 or 9 passengers, including two or three crew members. Clients reserve the option of keeping a vessel in one area or creating a custom travel schedule to suit specific marketing and public relations needs.

These branding vehicles are the sponsor™s to do what, when, and where they want. These vessels access the untapped waterways of every major market in the U.S.  New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, San Fransisco, San Diego, Seattle, Tampa, Daytona, Cleveland and even Pittsburgh are capable of supporting these sailing billboards, thus attaining millions of impressions with an unforgettable medium. Any style and size mono-hull or catamaran vessel is capable of being utilized for this program.

Anheuser-Busch utilized our Corporate Custom Program to enhance its national campaign when launching Tequiza. Anheuser-Busch chose this program for its perfect demographic match and in order to retain full control of the yachts 24 hours a day. Only guests personally invited by Anheuser-Busch were permitted to step aboard these private yachts.

Full service PHOTO SAIL program

Service includes: USCG Captain, Crew, Dockage, Insurance,
Maintenance, Cleaning, Fuel, Management, Security

Branding vessel quotes available upon request.


Public Relations Programs

(Free with 1 month contract)

VIP Entertainment:
  The sponsoring company may use the daily sailing passes to entertain VIPs and/or high level employees. Day sails, sunset cruises, champagne cruises are available. This floating hospitality suite will allow for captive meetings with a surreal setting and a real treat to essential relationships.

Employee Rewards:
  Reward exceptional employees with an in-house property that will treat them and their friends or family to an exhilarating day sail or evening cruise with catering available. Nothing is more relaxing and inspiring than sailing with family and friends.

Employee Team Building:

  Sailing is a team experience that creates good communication skills with an emphasis on competition and survival. An exhilarating day sail can easily reduce stresses that can build up in an office environment. Releasing this stress while inspiring communication will help corporate teams gain new perspective on their professional relationships.

On-Off Premise Promotions:

  Create promotions for dedicated customers, clients and employees alike to maximize their efforts and be rewarded with a day out sailing. giving away rides to advertising client's associates can enhance existing relationships while gaining attention towards mutual goals.

Public Sweepstakes:

  Create demand for products or mine for demographic data with a Sweepstakes program. Example: Register on-line and enter to win a free sailing ride for you and 5 friends on the "________" boat". Having the public register through a public website published on the actual Photo Sails will allow for additional demographic research and to gauge program effectiveness.

Radio Trade:

  Give the free ride tickets to local radio stations in trade for product mentions. Example: "Tenth caller gets a ride for 6 passes aboard the "________" boat for a 3 hour day sail". Each day can be divided into two or three trips allowing for up to three prizes or 18 free rides per day per vessel.


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