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Constellation Brands and Crown imports have teamed up to bring the Corona Extra Sailboat to New York, Manhattan and New Jersey.

Sailing the Hudson and East Rivers, Coney Island and the beaches of Long Island beginning on July 1st 2021, the Corona Extra Sailboat will sail for two months to bring a positive message to the brand. While Corona Extra will always be associated with summer and beaches, we hope to add value to their national campaigns with the addition of the Corona Sailboat and take their advertising to a next new phase as they keep growing their consumer base and Corona Beer brand with the Corona Extra Boat.

With company VIP's coming out for free rides on the Corona Extra Sailboat, Photo Sails is a great way to enhance any campaign by offering these free Public Relations programs for use by sponsoring companies.

The Corona Sailboat will hopefully be the start of another long relationship with another new QUALITY client.


Employee Team Building:

Sailing is a team experience that creates good communication skills with an emphasis on synergy and cohesiveness. An exhilarating day sail can easily reduce stresses that can build up in an office environment. Releasing this stress while inspiring communication will help corporate teams gain new perspective on their professional and personal relationships.

On-Off Premise Promotions:

Create promotions for dedicated customers, clients and employees alike to maximize their efforts and be rewarded with a day out sailing. Giving away rides to advertising client's associates can enhance existing relationships while gaining attention towards mutual goals.

Public Sweepstakes:

Create demand for products or mine for demographic data with a Sweepstakes program. Example: Register on-line and enter to win a free sailing ride for you and 5 friends on the client's boat. Having the public register through a website will allow for additional demographic research and to gauge program effectiveness.

Radio Trade:

Donate the free ride tickets to local radio stations in trade for client exposure. Example: "Tenth caller gets a ride for 6 passes aboard the client's boat for a 3 hour day sail".

Aaron Kiss President
Sea Seekers Sailing Inc. / PHOTO SAILS




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