FAQs - Photosails

Tax incentives and deductions


Different clients will experience different tax incentives.

Corporations know that any advertising has a percentage write off and any Photo Sailstm purchased would be deducted from earnings at the end of each year.

Private yacht owners purchasing Photo Sailstm, if advertising a personally owned business, may deduct the cost of Photo Sailstm and additionally deduct a percentage of fixed and running expenses. This incentive includes charter vessels and promotion companies.

Consult your qualified CPA to determine the particular legal statutes as each country or state has its own tax codes and laws. 

What advantages do Photo Sails have in comparison to traditional sails


One enemy of traditional sailcloth is the Sun. UV rays deteriorate conventional sails but Photo Sailstm are coated with a liquid laminate derived from the same chemical consistency of clear coat utilized on most automobiles. This  layer won't peel off and will lasts for years. This laminate is a pure UV inhibitor that gives us the confidence to offer a two year UV fading warranty. A second enemy of sails is salt crystals. Every strand weaved into a sail comes in contact with perpendicular strands ten, hundreds or thousands of times. At every intersection of the warp and fill, salt crystals contaminate and entangle themselves in the depth of the fabric. These salt crystals are abrasive on a molecular scale and slowly destroy the cloth from the inside out. For instance, a new sail is stiff and feels like card stock paper and a year or two later the cloth is as loose and flowing as a bed sheet. The scrim which supplies the strength to Photo Sailstm is encapsulated between the other layers completely protecting it from the salt and sun. Mold during storage is also an issue for sails because the mold makes its way deep into the fibers where it can't be scrubbed out. The surface of Photo Sailstm is smooth and non porous so mold has nothing to cling to. If mold does grow due to bad storage quality it can be wiped off with a sponge and mild soap or diluted ammonia (We suggest diluted Simple Green. Finally Photo Sailstm offer the ultimate in imaging quality. Instead of logos stuck on with stickers and sail tape the images are colorful and unique ensuring an attention grabbing quality that sticks out from the rest.

Who makes Photo Sails



Nance and Underwood Sails and Rigging, North Sails and Doyle Sails.

After custom measuring each sailing vessel or original sails and relevant to multiple sail installations, the space between sails and their relation to the horizon, Photo Sails go through multiple phases of construction. Our custom internationally patented, 100% opaque, 4 layer raw cloth is created depending on the desired weight, strength, scrim count and warp / fill angle. Then our sails go through the design phase that is overseen by two well known sail makers, Nance and Underwood of Fort Lauderdale, Doyle or North Sails. The sail lofts configure and align seams to conform to stress loads and design properly sized reinforcement patches, reef points and batten angles. Following instructions from the sail makers our internationally licensed manufacturers image our client's designs, logos and or photos directly onto the large panels of sailcloth. Utilizing microwave heat seam technology, we piece the cloth together into an undisturbed image with batten pockets and reinforcement cover patches in place. Finally, Photo Sails are delivered to the assigned sail shop for that specific order. There, the final luff, foot and leech cuts are calculated and all reinforcement patches, tapered battens, grommets, adjustment lines and fittings are attached to create the perfect sail custom fitted for each application.


Why are Photo Sails more expensive than traditional sails?


Creating Photo Sailstm involves up to 7 steps. Consider that Photo Sailstm are not just sail manufacturing with cloth alignment to load path direction and panel shaping technology but added to each phase of construction is the digital application of images (double sided) that must align to create a photo-relalistic and seamless representation of images and or logos at constructions completion.

Photo Sailstm are comparably priced to quality Carbon Fiber and other synthetic laminated and pre-molded racing and competition sails from prestigious Sail makers.

Construction methods involve both sail making and digital imaging technologies.

We do not yet mass-produce our product.

Research and development accompanied by PCT and international patent protection expenses has afforded us intellectual property rights in seven countries with new patents pending for worldwide applications and distribution.

Photo Sailstm are not simply propulsion for a vessel but a new outdoor marketing medium that is mobile and creates targeted marketing opportunities in the untapped resource of navigable waterways. Our branding vessels and sail ads create unavoidable and unforgettable QUALITY impressions.


Are discounts available for mutiple Photo Sail purchases?



Available on our Products page, you will find a Multiple Sail Purchase Discount rate sheet. For Vessel owners please visit our Tax Incentive and Testimonial information.