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By creating vacation giveaways, lucky customers who supply their personal information can win a chance to go on the trip of a lifetime. Imagine a sweepstakes program where consumers vie for a fabulous vacation to any marketplace a brand desires millions of quality impressions.


Each vessel is professionally manged and meets USCG regulations. Our services include providing a captain, insurance, dockage, fuel and even catering is available. Up to 6 guests may enjoy daily or weekly prize packages. Utilizing our exclusive relationship with Hunter Yachts who supplies us with quality vessels anywhere in the world, Photo Sail's patented technology can customize and ship sails to any vessel in the world!

Packaging of sponsored products can be marked as special winners entitling the lucky customer to these vacations. Additionally, lottery drawings, or sweepstakes can be targeted through the WEB, or via radio/TV trade, which also allows for measurement
of program initiatives and most importantly ROI.



To be determined through length of contract and number of trips awarded.

Please request a quote from a sales representative. 

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