Photo Sails create the most visually hypnotic sails in history and through the invention of our 21st century sailcloth, features new technologies that are improving the overall functionality of sailboat sails. The first enemy of traditional sailcloth is the Sun. UV rays deteriorate everything but Photo Sails are coated with a liquid laminate derived from the same chemical consistency of clear coat utilized on most automobiles yet wont peel off and will lasts for years. This laminate is a pure UV inhibitor that gives us the confidence to offer a two year UV fading warranty. The second enemy of sails is salt crystals. Every strand weaved into a sail comes in contact with perpendicular strands ten, hundreds or thousands of times. At every intersection of the warp and fill, salt crystals contaminate and entangle themselves in the depth of the fabric. These salt crystals are abrasive on a molecular scale and slowly destroy the cloth from the inside out. For instance, a new sail is stiff and feels like card stock paper and a year or two later the cloth is as loose and flowing as a bed sheet. The scrim which supplies the strength to Photo Sails is encapsulated between the other layers completely protecting it from the salt and sun. Mold during storage is also an issue for sails because the mold makes its way deep into the fibers where it can't be scrubbed out. The surface of Photo Sails is smooth and non porous so mold has nothing to cling to. If mold does grow due to bad storage quality it can be wiped off with a sponge and mild soap or diluted ammonia. (We suggest diluted Simple Green. Finally, Photo Sails offer the ultimate in imaging quality. Instead of logos stuck on with stickers and sail tape the images are colorful and unique ensuring an attention grabbing quality that sticks out from other branding vehicles.

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