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Hull Wraps can accentuate any sailing billboard by incorporating the vessel itself into the overall design including Photo Sails.
This large area of the main hull of a vessel or the pontoons of a multi-hull is noticeable and adds to the overall impression of a branding vehicle. Hull Wraps remain visible to the public when Photo Sails are furled or stowed, allowing the corporate sponsor to retain branding presence even while docked in a marina or motoring out to sea. Our Hull Wraps have similar imaging abilities as with Photo Sails in the form of magazine quality imaging with up to 600 DPI and 2 million colors available. Instillation of any Hull Wrap is available upon request for a service charge or available for delivery to any qualified installation team.


Hull Wraps Pricing


Under 600 Sq.Ft. = $14.95/Sq.Ft.


Over 600 Sq.Ft = $12.95/Sq.Ft.


Instillation charges vary due to location of vessel and square footage of finished product.




Photo Sails Hull Wraps are imaged with soluble inks that retain their color intensity for years and additionally are coated with a liquid form of the same clear coat that is utilized on new automobiles with a modified molecular structure which will not peel or flake off when flexed. These Wraps are available in one piece or a modular form which allows for following complex curves and convex shapes. In combination, the applied techniques supply the desirable qualities of a UV indestructible image capable of surviving in a salt water environment.


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