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Saturday, 05 October 2013 13:51


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From neon signs to NASCAR car hoods and from fake surfboards to printed mirrors every soda, liquor, telecommunications and pharmaceutical company creates this signage for the obvious reasons. Photo Sails tackles the same effective advertising with a new twist. New to the marketplace are ceiling sails and wall displays but because sails are larger than traditional car hoods and framed mirrors, they would again supply the largest signage in most bars, nightclubs and retail stores.

These sail displays are durable for decades, since there isn't harmful weather to damage them, and can be easily cleaned with everyday household products. They represent any product with full color images. Imagine an oversized image of ice dripping down a bottle, instead of the usual printed logos.

Saturday, 05 October 2013 17:51


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Point of Sale or (POS) displays play a very important role in store bought items and it is the goal of every advertiser to create the next best marketing campaign. Utilizing PHOTO SAILS and inexpensive one-person sailing boats to construct exciting new exhibits, mixed with on-premise promotions to win the actual functioning display boat, creates interaction between sponsors and customers.

These displays give sponsoring companies an advantage to traditional stacking of products since the sight of a functioning and fully rigged sailboat is a rare and unavoidable sight. This program, due to the 50 to 100 square foot PHOTO SAILS, offers clients the largest signage in any store yet with a small footprint making this an easily acceptable POS for stores to set up and keep stocked with sponsored products.

A Sweepstakes of the actual display boats requiring informational registration will help retain the demographics of individuals impacted and record the effectiveness of such a novel marketing medium.

Pricing based on $3,500 / unit (8 foot dinghy w/ 50Sq.Ft. Photo Sails.)


Saturday, 05 October 2013 09:50


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Take the next step in presenting your beverages to consumers with class. Most outdoor bars, nightclubs and even restaurants utilize aluminum farm troughs for icing down beer, champagne, sodas and other libations. This widely used unsanitary and immovable cylinder is passed its time and deservedly needs to be replaced with this next technological if not nifty packaging concept, BAR BOATS.

This program offers an unusual advertising concept to package beverages, suntan lotions and other products into a mobile rolling and visible platform which is constructed from actual sailing vessels. Each vessel can be given away at the end of promotions through sweepstakes promotions. The Bar Boats program creates an accessible shelf for products under what could be the largest signage in any retail store, festival, bar, nightclub or beach party, thus ensuring brand exposure. These boats can be customized to fit indoor or outdoor applications. These functional sailing vessels are waterproof, allowing them to be filled with ice, keeping perishable products cold and delicious as a rolling cooler. The boat itself can be sold or given away, with a novel twist on the cooler being a main attraction. Utilizing a quality vessel that has been in construction for years assures a quality product that will last for many seasons.

Pricing based on $3,500 / unit (8 food dinghy w/ 50 Sq.Ft. Photo Sails.)

Saturday, 05 October 2013 17:50


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Any event requires the assistance of support vehicles to deliver gear and remove items from the facility.

These support vehicles can include everything from boat and gear movement to food and supply transport. These vehicles may be used on a local, national or international agenda. Utilizing trucks or containers to ship sailboats creates the opportunity for these additional branding vehicles as well as busses carrying crew and management.

We have the ability to create temporary or more permanent signage via stickers and magnetic signs to full vehicle wraps on cars, trucks, vans, busses, and recreational vehicles.

Vehicle wraps and other attachable signs have no limit as to what can be reproduced on a car, truck, van or bus. We have instillation specialists to adhere full wraps and a design department that will work with you to develop an overall impression that aligns with your current marketing campaign.



Saturday, 05 October 2013 09:49


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Additional signage at events is another opportunity for sponsors to bring attention to their brand.
These signs, some times necessary for parking directions and borders, can otherwise help create a festive atmosphere by reacting to wind, dancing in the background of an event area.

Imaging on these banners, flags, and other signage options is done with up to 600 DPI capability with magazine quality photo reproduction or simple single or multiple color logos.

Each application requires consultation with event coordinators to assure a reasonable number of options will fully cover the needs of signage without over crowding and detracting from the event itself.


As size, quantity, and application effects production price, Please request quote from your sales representative.

Saturday, 05 October 2013 17:49


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Managing events in and around water usually calls for a staging area on shore which is easily taken care of by temporary tents with rain proof canopies. These tents are available in all sorts of sizes and configurations that can be as simple as a registration area and as large and capable of holding a formal dinner party, awards banquet, or even private concert with amenities such as electricity, lighting, sound system, tables, chairs, staging, and even walls to keep in air conditioning, or simply to keep the elements at bay for corporate functions. These tents are capable of being customized to create additional signage options for sponsors who wish to continue their commitment of association with high profile and elite sailing events. This includes fully printed tents with comparable magazine quality imaging on the roof, ceiling and walls of these temporary structures that can be transported from event to event in any marketplace.


Rentals of white tents ... Please request quote as delivery time length is a factor.

Custom imaged tents ... $12/ Sq.Ft. of printed cloth. Does not include frame.

Please request quote from sales representative. 

Saturday, 05 October 2013 13:48


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Sail Covers are a necessary piece of inventory for any rigged sailing vessel that come in two main categories as either a simple cover attached to the mainsail and tied to the boom or a "Stack-Pack" system which is highly recommended. This Stack-Pack offers the perfect amount of protection and allows for additional advertising space. The sail cover, like the Hull-Wrap, is visible when the vessel is motoring without the sails up or docked in a marina. This allows for residual advertising and branding via association with the elite sport of sailing. Imaging capabilities are similar to Photo Sails and Hull-Wraps with magazine quality 600 DPI imaging and 2 million colors capable of recreating any logos, messages or images with both sides of the sailboats sail cover visible.


Please request quote from your sales representative. Or contact us.

Saturday, 05 October 2013 17:48


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Custom Buoy Markers are a popular way to add corporate awareness to any sailing event or sailboat racing series. These inflatable markers are used to outline racecourse boundaries and turning areas where vessels tack and jibe to maintain their positions in competition.

These markers are customizable by what is imaged on them but size and shape are an option as inflatable technology now allows the shaping of plastics to represent cans or bottles or can even be made into an observation and photography platforms.

Affix your corporate logos to a prefabricated inflatable marker or have your product recreated into an inflatable durable marker of any color and design.  


Please request quote from your sales representative.

Saturday, 05 October 2013 17:47


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Hull Wraps can accentuate any sailing billboard by incorporating the vessel itself into the overall design including Photo Sails.
This large area of the main hull of a vessel or the pontoons of a multi-hull is noticeable and adds to the overall impression of a branding vehicle. Hull Wraps remain visible to the public when Photo Sails are furled or stowed, allowing the corporate sponsor to retain branding presence even while docked in a marina or motoring out to sea. Our Hull Wraps have similar imaging abilities as with Photo Sails in the form of magazine quality imaging with up to 600 DPI and 2 million colors available. Instillation of any Hull Wrap is available upon request for a service charge or available for delivery to any qualified installation team.


Hull Wraps Pricing


Under 600 Sq.Ft. = $14.95/Sq.Ft.


Over 600 Sq.Ft = $12.95/Sq.Ft.


Instillation charges vary due to location of vessel and square footage of finished product.




Photo Sails Hull Wraps are imaged with soluble inks that retain their color intensity for years and additionally are coated with a liquid form of the same clear coat that is utilized on new automobiles with a modified molecular structure which will not peel or flake off when flexed. These Wraps are available in one piece or a modular form which allows for following complex curves and convex shapes. In combination, the applied techniques supply the desirable qualities of a UV indestructible image capable of surviving in a salt water environment.


Monday, 09 September 2013 08:33


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Internationally Patented
U.S Patent # 6,886,483


multiple sail purchase discounts

$36.95 per sq/ft (one sail)

$29.95 per sq/ft (two sails)

Multiple sail purchase discounts

Discount %      # of sails      cost per sq/ft

30%            3+            $25.75

38%            6+            $23.25

44%            9+            $20.75

Photo Sail prices do not include Battens ($50), Batten Pockets ($100), Reef Points ($200), or Rig Fittings
Above pricing is subject to change if Photo Sails does not
opperate and manage the vessels using the final product(s)


Zoom to your desired advertising location.





This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Photo Sails are the most eye-catching imaged advertising sails in history. These marketing sails are capable of being custom fitted to any yacht application. Photo Sails can receive up to 600 DPI magazine quality digital imaging with over 2 million colors available through either CMYK or RGB color separation. This allows us create photo perfect and vibrant branding vehicles by utilizing the untapped waterways of every major marketplace in the world as most populated coastal communities were developed as port towns including navigable waters surrounding, bordering or flowing directly through them. New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco, San Diego, Cleveland, and even Pittsburgh are capable of supporting Photo Sails programs.

Being 100% opaque, due to a light barrier film within the 4 layer laminated sailcloth, allows for double sided imaging with the same or different images on either side of a sail. This features corporate logos and messages reading properly from both sides without backwards images visibly penetrating through in back-lit situations as with traditional sails. With desired properties including mold resistance and UV inhibitors, Photo Sails display a marked improvement over the canvas, Dacron, Mylar and Kevlar that sails are traditionally constructed from especially when considering branding platforms.





























































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