Puffer Doodle

Owner Name: Jay Hersh
Phone: 781-259-3427
Address: 146 South Great Rd.
City: Lincoln
State: MA
Zip: 01773
Country: United States
Vessel Make: Edge
Vessel Type: Sloop
Vessel Size: 27ft
Vessel Class: Cruising Sailboat
Vessel Builder: Hunter
I have a 27ft Hunter Edge which is a trailerable sailboat made by Hunter from 2008 to 2013 as a competitor to the MacGregors. We previously moored it at Hawthorne Cove Marina in Salem Harbor but starting this year we will be at Salem Willows Yacht Club. We sail in and around Salem Sound most weekends from late May to mid October.

I am a homebrewer of 25+ years and also a BJCP Grand Master Beer Judge (www.bjcp.org) who does beer tastings under the trademarked name Dr. Beer (TM). I'd especially love to help promote craft beers (I see Leinenkugels which is available in MA is a customer) if possible.
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