Racing Sails: Photo Sails PRO / Photo Sails Spinnakers

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Posted by: on Tuesday, 10 September 2013 02:01

Photo Sails is Now Developing New Sail Imaging Technologies. 

Photo Sails is now developing further options for custom coloring and enhanced graphics suited to high performance sailmaking.  Photo Sails technology is particularly well suited to performance sailing because super-high high quality images are achieved without adding any measurable weight or additional fallible layers, and the strength of the substrate sailcloth is not compromised.  Our work is presently focused on ensuring no-compromises need to be made in ultimate sail performance.  Clearly there is great potential for superb graphics on different types of sails, using a number of innovative technologies. 





Photo Sails™ has developed digitally imaged Mylar laminated membranes for racing sail applications spanning from windsurfing and dinghies, to racing sailboats and mega yachts.


After eight years of continual requests from the international leaders of sailboat racing for fully imaged racing sails, the perfect union of manufacturing and imaging technologies will soon be available. These requests come from AC teams, VOR managers, Volvo 40 Extreme teams, J boat sailors, Moth sailors, Hobie corporate and many others. Additionally, many sail manufacturing companies have also expressed interest in this new sail imaging process.


The Photo Sails PRO™ process (Patent Pending) combines current sail manufacturing methods, including broadseaming, tri-radial and variable mold shaping, with the latest industrial digital imaging techniques. This advancement has created a product that will become the standard for corporate-sponsored sailboat racing events and record-attempting vessels.


Laminated membrane sails have become the ultimate product for sailboat racing. These sails offer less overall weight, more strength, better shape retention and superior durability. Every major sail manufacturer utilizes the laminated membrane process. North Sail 3DL, Quantum Fusion M, Fusion X and Smart Sails, Doyle D4 sails, and Elvstrom EPEX all offer sailing professionals new choices in Mylar laminated high performance sails.

Now, Photo Sails PRO™ imaging technology can be incorporated into to any of these currently available product lines.  This is possible without adding additional layers and without altering the weight, shape or strength of the laminated membrane sail. Combining high performance sails with the imaging quality of the original patented Photo Sails™ process creates the best racing sails available with the best digital imaging available.

The Photo Sails PRO™ process incorporates digital imaging into the primary construction phase of a Mylar laminated membrane sail. This process creates a permanent and irremovable image.  Photo Sails PRO™ products offer the ability to place completely different images on either side of any sail. The additional opaque quality deters sunlight penetration allowing for proper viewing of graphics without reversed or faded images due to back-lit situations.

The sailboat racing industry’s continual requests verify the market value of this new product. Approximately 70% of inquires for Photo Sails™ products come from the racing community and have compelled us to develop the Photo Sails PRO™ imaging process for racing sails. Photo Sails™ is currently established as a promotions and events "out-of-home" branding business for Fortune 500 companies and their advertising agencies.

Photo Sails™ is evaluating licensing agreements and partnership opportunities in multiple areas, including marketing, manufacturing and distribution. Photo Sails PRO™ imaged sails are expected to be available for purchase in the fall of 2011.

For more information concerning Photo Sails PRO™ products, please contact us.


Now Photo Sails Spinnakers™ will soon be available for purchase. Photo Sails™ has now perfected placing two dimensional digital images on 3 dimensional Nylon and Polyester Spinnakers.

Nylon and Polyester Spinnaker cloth imaged on both sides.


Spinnaker imaging has always been an after thought by sail manufacturers. This currently standard secondary application has continually limited the ability to create photogenic recreations. With our 3 patent pending imaging processes combined with the latest 3-D cad imaging programs. We can now offer the highest quality imaged spinnakers in history.

Photo Sails Spinnakers™ are currently in final testing and will be available in the fall of 2011.

For more information concerning Photo Sails Spinnakers™ products, please contact us.

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