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Written by Sunday, 16 July 2017 18:38

Miller Lite has commissioned a 44 Hunter yacht for the Chicago marketplace beginning the summer of 2017.

With their fun Miller Lite Sailboat design branding the plethora of beaches, parks, roadways, and hundreds of buildings including the newly sponsored Miller Lite Navy Pier the response has been phenomenal.

The campaign has crossed mediums to become a viral sensation as hundreds of photos and videos are taken of the Photo Sails boat everywhere she targets.

As Photo Sails enters its 12th year of branding projects for MillerCoors quality brands, we look forward to expanding the Miller Lite Sailboats in multiple other markets nationwide.


Written by Friday, 25 March 2016 02:13


Coors Light has utilized Photo Sails to brand all of Long Island, the Hudson River up to Newbergh and of course all around the Manhattan area this last summer and now has doubled the order with two boats for this upcoming Summer.


One vessel will be based in the Manhattan area and another traveling between Jones Beach and Montauk to cover their special events and perhaps some more Guerrilla Marketing targeting competitors beer products.

Managers used the Coors Light Sailboat to treat VIP's to day sails and to create the largest mobile billboard with a 50 foot beer bottle on the eastern seaboard. Thousands of New York residents and tourists alike took photos and video of the yacht as it passed by their locations making for a unsolicited viral campaign.


This next years contracts are from May 15th to September 15th or for a solid 4 months to ensure all events from Memorial Day through Labor Day in any New York coastal area including concerts like Electric Zoo in Manhattan and the Full Moon parties in Montauk are branded including 4th of July and dozens of other beach and waterside events.

Thanks to Photo Sails, Coors Light owns the beaches and coastline of New York and the surrounding bodies of water.


Written by Saturday, 05 October 2013 17:33


Leinenkugel's is a Wisconsin brewing company that produces multiple fine beers including seasonal flavors such as Summer Shandy.

Seeking a novel way of gaining marketshare in Southern California, this one hundred and fifty year old brand, now owned by MillerCoors. found Photo Sails to be a great solution.


The Leinenkugel's boat, one in Los Angeles and one in San Diego for the summer of 2013, has created over 40 million "direct line of sight" impressions not including the viral photo sharing that occurred.

Sailing 5 days a week for up to 8 hours a day, the Leinenkugel's boat helped explode sales and create awareness of the quality of this great new flavor.  

The Leinenkugel's sailboats have the ability to travel to other markets and even, with our exclusive agreement with Hunter Yachts, be shipped to hundreds of other US and international markets to be rigged to identical vessels and continue branding without further production fees.


The Leinenkugel's Sails are built with durability and will last for a dozen years or longer like many Photo Sails have lasted for.




TAG Heuer Boat

Written by Saturday, 05 October 2013 17:27

tag heuer boat

TAG Heuer is the official partner of the Oracle Team at the 2012-2013 America's Cup. Photo Sails has been commissioned to help TAG Heuer attain thousands of QUALITY impressions in Newport Rhode Island for the week of the event.

Newport has been a sailing mecca ever since Christopher Columbus sailed into and established Jamestown just across the Narraganset Bay from Newport. Today this area is the perfect place for the America's Cup with its thousands of resident boaters, protected but deep waters and easily navigated port.

tag heuer boat

The TAG Heuer Boat will be sailing near the defined race course where the eight 45 foot catamarans will be competing with the worlds most talented sailors on board their high tech wing sail vessels.

If you are lucky enough to get here to Newport and you get any camera shots of our vessel, please send them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

tag heuer boat

Thank you and smooth sailing... Unless you like it rough...

Now the TAG Heuer Boat has relocated in New York City to celebrate the USA Team Oracle win in Newport and to brand TAG Heuer through the 4th of July celebrations in the Hudson River.

This branding campaign has been managed by and is representing Photo Sails on an international basis. For more information contact Vince Mastria at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Malibu Rum Sailboat

Written by Saturday, 05 October 2013 17:26



(Malibu Rum Sailboat)

Creativity in advertising has spawned some interesting ideas and new media options over time. According to Aaron Kiss, owner of Photo Sails, (US Patent # 6,886,483) companies are now seeking unique and non-traditional media that they can claim for themselves with little competition which makes their brands stand out. Being creative is what gets noticed these days. After all, there is a difference between an impression and a QUALITY impression. 

So when Malibu Rum decided that they wanted to brand the beaches of New York's Long Island, New Jersey and Los Angeles they sought a new branding medium, sailing billboards, that would create millions of unavoidable and unforgettable impressions for their brand and create the only advertisement on the visible horizon. Pernod Ricard, owners of Malibu Rum and other fine spirits and wines, have now tapped this "uncharted medium" that offers a synergistic branding opportunity for Malibu Rum in key demographics during the vital summer months.

"People on the beach have the majority of their attention directed toward the empty horizon." says Aaron Kiss of Photo Sails. "Our floating billboards and sail ads take advantage of this fact." Photo Sails creates unique and "green" forms of branding that can be commissioned in major media markets as almost all major cities were established as port towns along navigable waterways. Generally speaking, billboards are not permitted on a beach, but there are no known regulations limiting what may be imaged on a sailboat's sail because it is the propulsive part of a vessel and necessary to that vehicle. 

Now Malibu Rum, the world's best selling Caribbean Rum, will join the other industry leading brands that have taken advantage of branding on sails with this new patented sail imaging technology. Photo Sails offers turnkey branding campaigns that include sailboats, captains, dockage, maintenance, insurance, fuel and even cleaning and catering.

Additionally, Photo Sails has been in development with North Sails to create multiple new sail imaging applications for the sail manufacturing industry which eventually will be available to the public.

Our sail ad campaigns are now accompanied by FREE Public Relations programs that include:

VIP Entertainment:
The sponsoring company may use the daily sailing passes to entertain VIPs and/or high level employees. Day sails, sunset cruises and champagne cruises are available. This floating hospitality suite will allow for captive meetings with a surreal setting and help strengthen essential relationships.

Employee Rewards:
Reward exceptional employees with an in-house property that will treat them and their friends or family to an exhilarating day sail or evening cruise with libations and snacks. Nothing is more relaxing and inspiring than sailing with family and friends.


Employee Team Building:
Sailing is a team experience that creates good communication skills with an emphasis on competition. An exhilarating day sail can easily reduce stresses that can build up in an office environment. Releasing this stress while inspiring communication will help corporate teams gain new perspective on their professional relationships.

On-Off Premise Promotions:
Create promotions for dedicated customers, clients and employees alike to maximize their efforts and be rewarded with a day out sailing. Giving away rides to advertising client's associates can enhance existing relationships while gaining attention towards mutual goals.

Public Sweepstakes:
Create demand for products or mine for demographic data with a Sweepstakes program. Example: Register on-line and enter to win a free sailing ride for you and 5 friends on the Malibu Rum Sailboat. Having the public register through a website displayed on the actual Photo Sails will allow for additional demographic research and to gauge program effectiveness.

Radio Trade:
Give the free ride tickets to local radio stations in trade for product mentions. Example: "Tenth caller gets a ride for 6 passes aboard the Malibu Rum Sailboat for a 3 hour day sail". Each day can be divided into two or three trips allowing for up to three prizes or 18 free rides per day per vessel.

Photo Sails is grateful for the opportunity to enhance the Malibu Rum brand and appreciates the recognition of our unique product and turnkey services. We are confident that this will be a very successful campaign and that Millions of quality impressions will be generated.   

Aaron Kiss

Sea Seekers Sailing Inc. / PHOTO SAILS




Tampa Bay Bolts

Written by Saturday, 05 October 2013 17:26


Written by Saturday, 05 October 2013 21:26


As seen in

Time Magazine selected the below image of "The Vote Boat" for their person of the year award article (page 37 and 39). The picture was chosen out of hundreds of thousands of shots showing the massive support for Barack Obama. This unsolicited media exposure proves the visual effectiveness of Photo Sails and the impact made on the general public.


Additional media exposure includes multiple newspapers, magazines, websites and blogs.



Link to                           Link to


 McCain Sailboat                                                           Obama Sailboat

Photo Sailstm introduces The Vote Boat to remind registered voters to exercise their American right to choose the next President of the United States. This vessel will be sailing in the Hudson and East Rivers of New York City from October 17th through the 26th promoting both the Democratic and Republican nominees.
This years national elections are more important than ever. Hunter Marine Corporation and Photo Sailstm are on a mission to create the most visually effective branding vehicle in the waters surrounding New York and dozens of other waterside marketplaces worldwide.

These new digitally imaged branding vehicles are capable of targeting audiences at thousands of waterside events generating media exposure and millions of quality impressions. These events include air shows, concerts, sporting events, art festivals, national holidays and more for costs comparable to static quality highway billboards.

For any questions, comments or requests, please contact Photo Sails at

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


(954) 527-0910 

Photo Contest: Send in your best photo of THE VOTE BOAT and win a free day sail for 6 people to the above email address

(contest rules available upon request)

Unsolicited Internet Media Exposure:






The Vote Boat is headed to Miami to make a political statement at the Republican Governor's Convention to say thank you to John McCain for his supportive concession speech that supports Barack Obama as the next President of the United States of America. The 65' vessel will be sailing in downtown Miami from Friday 14th to Monday 17th of November.



The Vote Boat has moved to Fort Lauderdale and has grown over 24 feet to become a 65' yacht. It was spotted visiting the International Boat Show by many attendees. Locals seem to support the "left side" of The Vote Boat but boat show visitors seem to support the "right side". 


4 days of sailing in the Hudson and East Rivers of New York have proven that Barack Obama is way ahead in the polls at least here in the Big Apple.

Nine days and nine million impressions later, it is obvious to the crew of the Hunter 41 DS that Obama has a serious lead over McCain in Manhattan. Crowds cheered as THE VOTE BOAT tacked and jibed over 700 times this week in the Hudson and East Rivers. Camera flashes became complacent as hundreds of ferries ventured out of their way to get a closer look of the most hypnotically imaged sailboat sails in history, distracting all including tourists, fellow yachtsman, local residents, outdoor employees and office workers with a window view.

Now THE VOTE BOAT will make a second appearance in the battleground state of Florida, turning heads in the cities of Miami and Fort Lauderdale during the largest boat show in the world, the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show. With days to go before the most controversial election in recent history, is taking these measures to ensure that all registered voters make their voices heard and to be a part of this historical event.


The Vote Boat Photo Sailstm have been imaged and finished into a main and jib for the new 41 Hunter DS that is awaiting in NY. 

Main Port


Main Starboard


Jib Port


Jib Starboard



Hunter Marine Corp. Enters Cooperation With Photo Sails


 Hunter Marine Corporation has entered into a cooperation with Photo Sailstm to offer unique quality corporate branding vessels in over 30 U.S. and international locations. Photo Sails offers branding vehicles via sailing billboards in all major waterside markets with navigable waterways. New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, San Francisco, San Diego, Seattle, Houston, Cleveland, Daytona and even Pittsburgh were all originally established as "Port Towns" with coveted natural bodies of water bordering, surrounding or flowing directly through their cores.

Marketing on sails opportunities abound in the sailing world. Millions of usable sailing vessels are docked on thousands of bodies of water internationally. These vessels range in size and are involved in organized programs scheduled well ahead of time. If you’re a sailboat owner click here to register for possible sponsorship and if you’re a corporation looking for a boat in a targeted market click here to view registered vessels.

Sanctioned and organized sailboat racing exists in thousands of locations and take place throughout the year in both hemispheres. Many of these races seek corporate sponsorships, including marketing on sails, and partners to help cover the expenses of managing events. Funding helps cover the fixed and adjustable costs including rental of facilities, marketing of the class and event management.

We have compiled an incomplete list of some of the available marketing opportunities nationally and internationally broken down into different groups on the menu to the left..

This marketing on sails section's objective is for Photo Sailstm to present an outline of sponsored events aligned with outdoor advertisers. Photo Sailstm create sailing billboards in high profile environments helping products to gain exposure through utilizing untapped markets as an additional medium for signage and branding vehicle options. Our multiple programs are available worldwide.

Technology has allowed for improvements in digital imaging and sailcloth construction. Mixed with the constant  need to create novel marketing ideas, PHOTO SAILStm brings the prestige of sailing and sail manufacturing advancements together to form unique and hypnotic branding vehicles.





Written by Saturday, 05 October 2013 21:25


Coors Brewing Company commissioned a 41 foot Hunter Yacht through our Corporate Custom program during the summer of 2008 in Los Angeles. Over 10 million direct line of sight impressions were attained along the beaches of Santa Monica to Huntington Beach. This sailing advertisement was the only visible signage on Pacific Coast Highway during rush hour traffic and targeted many beach related events from the International Surfing Championships to concerts and volleyball tournaments.


Coors Banquet has now signed up for a fourth contract to market the same area for three months during the summer of 2010.


The Coors Banquet Boat will now be appearing at Fleet Week in San Francisco from October 8th to the 13th.

American Airlines

Written by Saturday, 05 October 2013 21:25


Sailing billboards create attractive sponsorship opportunities for corporations looking to get "outside the box" branding that is unavoidable, unforgettable and consolidates public relations into one prestigious package. Expandable marketing for elite businesses and products available in any city that was originally settled as a "port" for importing and exporting goods with navigable waterways.

This one vessel will raise it's market value in sponsorship dollars 3 times + every year.

Today, Aaron Kiss, CEO of Sea Seekers Sailing Inc. announced the first confirmed orders of PHOTO SAILS in an eight sail purchase organized to raise funding for disabled sailors in Miami. Harry Horgan, founder of Shake A Leg in Miami, has secured American Airlines and Celebrity Cruises sponsorship contracts that will launch days before the Super Bowl rolls through Miami.

This vessel will be attending events for the next three years including the Miami and Fort Lauderdale boat shows, The Intra-coastal Waterway Christmas Parades at all three Miami, Lauderdale and Pompano locations. Locals and Tourists will notice this vessel at the Mc Donald's Air and Sea Show, at multiple South Florida concerts, and obviously at any American Airlines Arena events such as the Latin Grammy's , home Heat games, Columbus Day Regatta, not to mention the Super Bowl again in two years and many other events in the South Florida Area.

PHOTO SAILS utilize the untapped resource of navigable waterways that exist in the top ten U.S. marketplaces and multiple foreign markets. These cities were originally established as "port" towns that relied on shipping of goods for both imports and exports. These waterways border, surround or wind directly through these markets and create the opportunity for "sailing billboards" via prestigious sailing vessels that can market products and create PR programs developing interaction between products and consumers.

If your sailing organization is struggling financially visit to download ten new programs that have been customized to bring in corporate sponsorship dollars to finance the continuation or expansion of your programs. The success of every one of our customers is documented and stories like the one recently published in Cruising World attest to the value of our internationally patented PHOTO SAILS.


Written by Saturday, 05 October 2013 09:24


This windsurfing sail was commissioned as a prototype for Corona. It has demonstrated our abilities in quality sail making and was used in filming our video for illustration purposes.

Photo Sails have a natural fit or connection to Corona's current advertising campaign of "Find Your Beach". These sails have the ability to portray a tropical setting in any location. 


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