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Written by Saturday, 05 October 2013 17:52 is a dedicated company to manufacturing sailing vessels for disabled sailors and franchising a well thought out business package to anyone wishing to copy their programs in newly targeted markets.
Multiple Sailability owners have approached Photo Sails to utilize our perfected imaging techniques in an attempt to land additional corporate sponsors to help fund existing programs and expand their businesses.

We hope to service many of these organizations in the following years as they truly have created what we believe to be a great cause. Teaching disabled persons that life's hurdles are truly surmountable and giving a sense of satisfaction to those of us who have disabilities is a wonderful experience to be a part of.


Written by Saturday, 05 October 2013 21:51


A few years ago after the annual Newport to Ensenada International Yacht Race I noticed a curious group just outside the courtyard of the Bahia Hotel where post-race celebrations were under way. One guy was in a wheelchair, another smallish man was standing by his side and a third---apparently blind---was standing behind them with a cane. In the most tactful manner I could muster, I asked who they were and what they were doing there. They told me they had just sailed the race---and, furthermore, they intended to sail the next Transpacific Yacht Race from L.A. to Hawaii in 2003. Right, I thought to myself.  

By now the Challenged America team has sailed two       Media meet Challenged America at Transpac finish       Transpacs. Last year, though one crewman short on their Tripp 40, B'Quest, they placed fourth overall among eight boats in Division 5 for smaller boats. "Disabled, my eye!" one rival commented afterward.  

Now a lot of us know that underestimating the abilities of those with disabilities is a mistake. Through its achievements and related projects in the San Diego community, these men and women have changed the perspective of many able-bodied people and inspired many others with disabilities to realize that their lives not only are worth living but are rich with a new potential for achievement.  

But now Challenged America needs help. Individuals and small businesses have been supportive with tax-deductible contributions, but the rising costs of its programs have depleted its limited resources to where it was unable to compete in the recent Newport to Ensenada Race, and its prospects for returning for the next Transpac in 2007 are dim. Urban Miyares was the man with the cane at Ensenada, the blind Vietnam veteran who co-founded the organization in 1990 and sails on the boat as bowman. He estimates it will cost $80,000 a year to keep B'Quest sailing, and that doesn't count major projects like Transpac. Sails, gear, maintenance---far less than $100-200 million for an America's Cup campaign or $8-10 million for a Volvo Ocean Race, but a big chunk of change without any billionaires or global corporations to pay the bills.  

Are there any out there for Challenged America? Perhaps. But many consider their assistance not as contributions but investments, and they prefer return on their investments in media exposure.  

OK, consider this: the Transpacific Yacht Race, with a century of folklore and tradition, is one of the great ocean races of the world with some of the fastest boats and very best sailors. And yet, amid all the drama of the last two Transpacs, it was the amazing men from San Diego---though short arms, legs and eyesight---who dominated the hearts, headlines and TV time more than dozens of other competitors combined.  

Not all of the Challenged America sailors are war vets, but the tally of more than 17,000 American casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan accelerates the purpose of Challenged America's role in the rehabilitation process.  

Miyares' hope is to establish an endowment of $400,000 to meet a basic budget over the next five years. He is not talking America's Cup or Volvo Ocean Race funding, but donors---and investors---who will realize a more meaningful relationship in human terms. "We're looking for one individual or company to be a key benefactor," Miyares said. "Traveling around the country doing speeches, I am still shocked about how us sailing in the Transpac has changed attitudes and motivated others, especially those with disabilities."    

                                            Rich Roberts


Written by Tuesday, 10 September 2013 01:58


Aaron Kiss, CEO of Sea Seekers Sailing Inc and inventor of Photo Sails. announced the first confirmed orders of PHOTO SAILS in an eight sail purchase organized to raise funding for disabled sailors in Miami. Harry Horgan, founder of Shake A Leg in Miami, has secured American Airlines and Celebrity Cruises sponsorship contracts that will launch days before the Super Bowl rolls through Miami.

"Having this new technology available and just the image of what we could offer our client was what really made our presentation worthy of such a commitment" said Harry.  These are the first contracts that Shake-A-Leg Miami is initially offering to national sponsors in the Miami area.  "We are in discussions with other leading companies." Shake-A-Leg Miami has many more vessels that will be taking up additional contracts as this corporate sponsorship project grows to fund a great cause.

This vessel will be attending events for the next three years including the Miami and Fort Lauderdale boat shows, The Intra-coastal Waterway Christmas Parades at all three Miami, Lauderdale and Pompano locations. Locals and Tourists will notice this vessel at the Mc Donald's Air and Sea Show, at multiple South Florida concerts, and obviously at any American Airlines Arena events such as the Latin Grammy's , home Heat games, Columbus Day Regatta, not to mention the Super Bowl again in two years and many other events in the South Florida Area.

Now Shake-A-Leg has ordered two new Photo Sails to be commissioned by Publix Foods to again contribute additional corporate dollars to the well organized programs that this life changing institution has created from scratch.

PHOTO SAILS utilize the untapped resource of navigable waterways that exist in the top ten U.S. marketplaces and multiple foreign markets. These cities were originally established as "port" towns that relied on shipping of goods for both imports and exports. These waterways border, surround or wind directly through these markets and create the opportunity for "sailing billboards" via prestigious sailing vessels that can market products and create PR programs developing interaction between products and consumers.

If your sailing organization is struggling financially visit to download ten new programs that have been customized to bring in corporate sponsorship dollars to finance the continuation or expansion of your programs. The success of every one of our customers is documented and stories like the one recently published in Cruising World attest to the value of our internationally patented PHOTO SAILS.


Non-profit and charitable organizations rely on corporate sailing sponsorships to help fund their sailing programs. Photo Sails are the next technological step in imaging sails to help attract those sponsors by creating mobile sailing billboards more visually impressive than the current industry stickers and dyed sails.


Photo Sails display corporate logos easily and properly read on both sides of any sail and not faded out and backwards when viewed in back-lit conditions. Logos are more easily recognizable from further distances.


We have helped attract new sponsors to disabled sailors and childrens foundations sometimes making the difference between survival or expantion of active sailing programs. Capitalizing on corporate branding on sails maximizes current assets without any additional overhead.  See the Stories about Challenged America, Shake-A-Leg Miami, and Sailability under our "For Charities" section.