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Island Time
Personal sailboat
common ground
I sail in the middle Chesapeake Bay. What is this all about? I am retired and have all the time necessary for whatever legal purpose you propose.for me and my boat.
Annie Eileen
The wife and I sail the Upper and Middle Chesapeake spring, summer, and fall.
Joie de Vie
Sailing the Chesapeake. Home Port in the Annapolis Area
I sail in the Galveston Bay area Kemah, Clear Lake, Galveston . She is thirty years old, but she is still looking good!
Bardi Sea
Vessel kept at Quantico marina on the Potomac River 15 miles south of washington DC
2005 Beautiful and meticulously kept. Direct access to Pensacola Bay and Beach where thousands come to vacation on the powder white beaches.
Anna L
I sail out of McKinley Marina in Milwaukee, we have several major lake front events that draw up to half a million a day, biggest being the lakefront fireworks on July 3. There is also the 10 day music festive at the lake front - largest music festival in the USA Summerfest or "Big Gig" attendees have clear veiw of the lake front on Lake Michigan. Water is deep enough to provide close shore sailing.