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Sea Song
I sail from Hilton Head,SC in April or May and have a slip in Stamford, CT for the summer. I can easily get to New york Harbor. I have Masters 50t with sail and towing endorsements. The boat has 85 gallons of fuel and a Brunton Autoprop, she can motor sail at seven knots for two days easy. Next Gen generator can run the whole boat as if she's plugged in. Twin a/c~heat units. Roller furling main and jib.
The Hood
Vessel located in Charleston SC during the summer. Palm Beach Gardens, FL during the winter.
Blanc Mar II
I'm in Venezuela. Hunter 46. We sail too in the ABC Islands waters (Aruba, Bonaire, & Curacao)
Water Music
Sailing charters in the Charleston Harbor/Folly Beach area since January 2000. I've been participating in Charleston Race Week every year since 2009. When I'm not sailing a charter, I'm sailing with my boy.
We sail the Fisher's Sound, Long Island Sound, Peconic Bay, Block Island Sound,
Rhode Island Sound, Narragansett Bay, Buzzard Bay areas.
Based out of Mumford Cove, CT and our Block Island mooring, we cruise the Northeast
waters June to October.
Carol Ann III
We sail out of Burnham Harbor in Chicago, IL. Most days are spent cruising the shoreline enjoying the Chicago Skyline or lakefront activities.
Sea Tea
Sail the San Francisco Bay
The boat is kept in Annapolis, MD and sails the Chesapeake Bay regularly.
I use STARGAZER throughout Lake Erie & Canada but usually from Cleveland, Ohio to the Lake Erie Islands. She is in immaculate condition and would be a GREAT "easel" for your advertising art!
This boat is based out of Long Beach California and is sailed very heavily up and down the So Cal coast. We are able to get very close to the shores of Long Beach, Huntington Beach, Newport and Laguna Beach.