Make a Splash

Anna L

Owner Name: J. Mark Greene
Phone: 262-352-9062
Address: S55W29896 Windcrest Drive
City: Waukesha
State: Wisconsin
Zip: 53189
Country: United States
Vessel Make: Hunter
Vessel Type: Sail - Marconi rig
Vessel Size: 34 ft
Vessel Class: personal use
Vessel Builder: Hunter
I sail out of McKinley Marina in Milwaukee, we have several major lake front events that draw up to half a million a day, biggest being the lakefront fireworks on July 3. There is also the 10 day music festive at the lake front - largest music festival in the USA Summerfest or "Big Gig" attendees have clear veiw of the lake front on Lake Michigan. Water is deep enough to provide close shore sailing.
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